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Quality food made with love has always been a passion of ours.

We love traveling the world and experiencing different cultures through food, so, we decided to bring some of those experiences back to St. Thomas with us.

Our guests tried to convince us to open up a taqueria. At first, we didn't take it seriously, but we started giving it more thought as we realized how much we missed the Mexican food back home in California. Our favorite taqueria was literally our first and last stop every time we visited.

It was torture knowing that we could only get it once a year. 

We thought, why not bring Mexican food to St. Thomas?


So, we did!

We found a hole in the wall location in need of some TLC and made it into our home away from home. We completely remodeled everything from floor to ceiling and by designing everything ourselves, we were able to incorporate a few meaningful touches. 


As Benito's started to become a reality,

we lost someone very close to us.

We decided to add more meaningful touches

to our design to honor and remember him in very personal and subtle ways.


Whether it's the burrito named “The Big Guy”,

the dimes placed around the restaurant, or our mascot that sits in the corner named after him,

he is always there.


It means so much to us to have these special touches be a part of our story, restaurant, and life.

It is our endeavor to bring you delicious food and personal service in a cozy atmosphere
that reminds you of home. 

Our philosophy is that great food comes from the heart.
It has to be made with love and we love what we've built, what we do, and having you as our guests.



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